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Sanitation and client health has always been priority when performing services. Below you will find our safety practices, some that are new additions according to health regulations and others that have been in place since day one.

When performing services artists are required to wear both a face mask and face shield with physical distancing in place for all those not receiving services. Makeup brushes are never re-used on site and every client will have clean sterilized brushes used on them. Brushes are always cleaned off-site and dried overnight and sterilized with a hospital grade virucide (does not contain dangerous poisons such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol). Product is never applied directly from components and non-porous spatulas are used to remove product before being used on clients. Hand sanitizer is always available for clients and artist and hands are washed in between every service.

Health and safety protocols will continually be addressed and changed as needed to make your event as safe and beautiful as possible. Feel free to contact us for further questions or information. Thank you for your trust and cooperation. 


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